Software and App

We specialize in the development of software platforms, apps, and websites (including e-commerce), ranging from the simplest to the most complex solutions.



Platform for the sale of food and wine products and experiences.

Food Life

An IoT system consisting of software and two different hardware systems, designed for accommodation facilities of various sizes, aimed at reducing food waste in Italian and European hospitality establishments.

Meta Supply Chain

A comprehensive management platform for small and medium-sized Italian agricultural businesses.


A free toolkit for validating the safety of cobots (collaborative robots). Enhanced safety allows for new innovative applications, thereby increasing production.

Food DNA

It is a web platform for tracking the food supply chain and its environmental impact.


Univerlab has developed an advanced traceability platform aimed at calculating the predictive shelf-life of perishable foods.

Our Services

Development of software platforms
Development of Android and iOS apps
Food traceability platforms with blockchain technology
Development of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning tools
Integrated IoT sensor systems